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  1. 'PCB Turnkey Service- How to Choose the Best Board Manufacturer'

    For anyone who’s into electronics, whether it be an individual or a big company, there always comes the point when one has to get a PCB fabricated and so must choose a PCB Turnkey Service.

    The term turnkey on PCB refers to a board that can be placed in the final product and delivered immediately.

    Luckily we will walk you through the entire process of what to look at when deciding on a PCB Turnkey Service.

    Among the key subjects on PCB Turnkey Service ...
  2. “How To Get Satisfied PCB Silkscreen - A Step-by-Step Guide”

    Look at a printed circuit board (PCB) with all components and wiring placed on it (figure 1). It just looks like a jigsaw puzzle which requires more time for engineering to assess.

    On the other, figure 2 shows another version of the design where component are identified along with essential points marked on the circuit board.

    2nd one looks more sophisticated regarding its visual appeal and ease of use. That is the point where the art of PCB silkscreen comes into the ...
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  3. HDI PCB: Are They Suitable for Your Project?

    HDI (High-Density Interconnect) technology has made PCBs smaller and more efficient. HDI PCB is the key to small electronics that need more functionality in limited space. Polychlorinated biphenyls are universal -

    ● Mobile phones
    ● 4G communication devices
    ● Digital cameras
    ● Laptops
    ● Touchscreen devices
    ● Medical equipment
    ● Military devices

    HDI PCB offers many advantages over conventional PCBs. They may be ideal for your ...
  4. Baubericht depron me108 Taifun 2,30

    Da mein Vater schon mal eine me 108 Taifun mit knappen 3 Meter Spannweite hatte hab ich mir überlegt in die Fuß stapfen zu treten und will das gleiche Modell mit 2,30 nach bauen die Pläne sind aus einer alten Modell Zeitschrift ich hab mir als Ziel genommen dieses Modell so schnell wie möglich flugfertig zu kriegen.
    Ihr habt richtig gelesen das Modell wird aus 3mm depron gebaut und mein angezieltes Gewicht ist unter 3 Kilo 😅
    Also fangen wir mal an als erstes hab ich mir 10 ...
  5. ‘’Custom Circuit Board-The Guide to How to Design.‘’

    Every day, people depend heavily on electronic devices to get things done around the house and at their job places. This friendly guide has all you need to know everything about a custom circuit board, and where you can get the best custom circuit boards for your needs.

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    Among the key subjects on Custom Circuit Board include:
    1. The Basics You Should Know About Custom Boards:
    This section briefly introduces the basics ...